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About SEO (Search Enigine Optimizing)

Why SEO, for your website, can be important

SEO (Search Enigine Optimizing) is almost indispensable for homepage operators, if you want to be easy found in the net! On this page we show you what is important and how you can improve your rankings!

The first step is always the hardest

First steps to successful search engine optimization

First, we put our best tool aside, namely the analysis! Through good analysis of your website and especially to determine that Your, for your company, strongest keywords, you can always get an overview of your path you want to go with the homepage. Unfortunately you have to differentiate here in what you would advocate and what your visitors or Your potential customers prefer! Good planning and extensive research always keep your nose ahead, at least if you are want it!

Many company owners are too frivolous with the power given to you by your homepage! If these people knew what they give up would be guaranteed to be bad for one or the other!

Well, now you may think that you will never be able to bring your homepage forward in the relevant search engines. Right but not quite! First, never put your head in the sand! Second, just be creative, whatever you like, guaranteed millions other people too! (A principle we will need later). Do you have a team? Take advantage of the famous brainstorming. But we digress ...
Never before has search engine optimization been easier than today! But you have to know what is important and sometimes also the technical requirements to adjust. In principle, we are talking about a well-programmed website and targeted keyword optimization. But beware! Many make the mistake here and "balling" your homepage with keywords that you think are important, this is the biggest carelessness you can afford only backlink collectors who use dubious services and thus, thanks to the many backlinks, hope for a good placement. If you do that, You can also close your website right away, saving you time and visitors from nerve-racking website visits and above all unnecessary clicks.

Think straightforward, often - as is known - is less, more! And that is exactly the biggest secret, the quality of your website, you design him so that "people" like him, you are almost at the finish! However, here is meant by "less is more" not the content of the page, quite the contrary even! Extend your topics, examine them from all imaginable pages and use here and there your keywords.

Into battle - with the battle plan in hand!

We now have our recipe for success, now it's time to say "Get to work!". The next step also includes the correct procedure. Or say, one The way in which you and all involved, ie your team, work best. Every gear can, should and should turn naturally almost incessantly. Because another The keyword in search engine optimization is: "You're never done with SEO!". So that means that you should always evolve and have to, because your competitor is waiting only on a weak moment on your part and this will use it, with the kind support of all search engines, shamelessly!

In spite of all this, do not be put off, your opponents will have to keep up with you!

Die wichtigsten SEO Aufgaben im Überblick

The search engine optimization is quite a far-reaching topic, it ranges from the adaptation of the source code on the homepage to cooperation with other, "reasonable" partner companies! Of course, no competitors are meant here, Coca-Cola would never advertise for Pepsi, but why not with the supplier? But more on that later. I'll show you the most important ones here Points that you should consider when optimizing your website.

SEO tasks for your website at a glance

  • Review metadata and customize it for your analysis
  • Modern, error-free source code of the homepage
  • Content and structural quality
  • Internal networking of your own pages
  • Check server settings and quality
  • External links to other sites
  • Social Media Links
Meta information - how to adjust properly!

The meta-data also includes the title, more precisely, the title day, which is more than important! On the following picture, which describes a search for "test", See why this is so:

Google Search Result Example
Something similar looks like a search result, the searchers first see the title of your website, in our example, Wikipedia has thus for "Test - Wikipedia" decided. Many also use hyphenated characters such as three colons, but it is important to set the name of your page behind! As you can see it says "Test - Wikipedia" and not "Wikipedia - Test". Thus, the searched word comes first.
Under the title follows the URL (Uniform Resource Locator), here it is also very important that you have the keyword in the URL. A URL that looks like this:


does not say anything about the page content, so you can do a lot better here! Obviously, this URL refers to a news page, more specifically to article 23. Assuming the title This news is titled "News Title", so the URL might look like this:


Now you can already weigh at the URL what awaits you on this page. And of course there are a few "extra points" for the search engines! What else do we see? The URL is followed by a small text. Here most website operators think that this can be defined by the META-tag "description". But that is far from the case! Google and meanwhile also further search engines use for this text no META data, but the actual contents of the web page. is the first on your page so now a text of With the actual topic has nothing to do, so this is already a big disadvantage! Many "descriptions", if specified, are actually adopted by the search engines, many but not at all! Search engines always try to provide information that you think seems to contain the most relevant terms on your woman page! This it's me. that's good too! Why? Quite simple, imagine you are looking for something specific, but you are now getting pages that give little essential about the topic itself. The first, natural reaction is to close this website again. At least I would! Such websites are actually still in considerable places today, but is it's only a matter of time before these too are punished. So never make the mistakes someone else has already made for you! Learn from it and make it better! AIQIA - SEO Oberhausen, NRW.

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