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The programmer and his tasks

What does programming mean and what does a programmer actually do?

The programmer and his tasks, why do you need a programmer? Can't do everything, if necessary with the help of appropriate Homepage modular systems, do it yourself nowadays? Here is often wrongly differentiated and also are used with The planning of your own website already made the biggest mistakes.

Here can already an experienced programmer he can, together with you, find out which challenges your homepage has to meet!

The activities of programmers are often misjudged!

What does a programmer do anyway?

The normal "programmer" programs, as the name suggests, programs that perform certain tasks. These can be very different things, starting with displaying data from your database, through Excel (CSV or XLSX files) imports and Exports via file upload or download, up to very special scripts that perform a whole range of tasks. The whole can then be a program for your website on the Internet or also be a desktop application, so a Windows software eg.

A programmer is usually specialized in a field or a scripting language. Often master Programmers even multiple languages simultaneously. Let's take a PHP programmer as an example, PHP is a scripting language. which is very often used in website creation and is a very powerful language, so one can use this language to a lot of things. This programmer is now building a complete website program with user login, guestbook, contact form and all that and more.
Now it is unfortunately so that then programming the main program alone is not sufficient. Here comes the Webdesigner in´s Game, for example he can create the layout of the page, parallel to the programming of the website, and in the normal case also implement it, so he is called that he designs the website and also builds it ready for the web, so he implements it "one to one" as on the design of which is often displayed in the form of a normal image.

What this means in detail for the webdesigner you can read here.

Now one notices very fast that here several task areas meet each other, i.e. once the organization of the web page actually, the conversion of the Layout according to the design, programming the main program and of course integrating the main program into the implemented layout.
Sounds pretty complicated, doesn't it? Actually, it is, but there are enough programmers who also do the work of the web designer. and vice versa. For them, creating a complete website is not a witchcraft! AIQIA covers all these tasks and thus offers an alrounder service. Our service areas extend far beyond the normal requirements of a homepage creation. No matter what you need on the net, we can support you with your project! Yours AIQIA, Web agency Oberhausen.

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