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Website creation, that's what counts!

What matters in the website creation, we want to look into this article a little closer

First principles in creating a website

Important basic requirements that should be given in order to achieve a good result in the SERPs when creating a website!

Having the right touch on website creation is a big challenge but not magic! In compliance with some, more important Principles will help you quickly and, most importantly, directly reach your goal. And exactly this is very desirable, or, for comparison, like yours Soup long after? No, the faster the desired result is achieved the better for everyone involved!

First, it is about a domain and the web server, the domain should be as short as possible, optimally even consist of only one word, even better even if it is a well-known word, such domains are usually all awarded! Do not bury your head in the sand, make one out of necessity Virtue! If your desired domain under ".de" is already taken, but is still available under one of the following TLD's:

.COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ and .INFO

... so do not be afraid to choose a .com or .net! At the endings .org, .biz and .info you should really ask yourself if the topic is because would also fit, maintain an informative blog so you can definitely opt for the .info! Is it about an organization or a community? so you can also use the .org! If everything is forgiven Choose a short additional word, small banal example: instead of just homepage.com so my-homepage.com

The beauty of these endings is that they are the world's strongest TLD's! Since you get so in the domain selection already the first PLUS points in the search engine optimization!

Image for Modern Website Creation

Now we have a domain. Now we come to the next step, the choice of the server. Now you could say: "The server does not matter! Main thing the page can run on it!". This is unfortunately not the case! A good server, from a good webhoster, can be set by you from the Preferences It should be set up very secure, should provide free SSL certificates, offer a clear and feature-rich web server control panel and much more! These are unfortunately quite important factors in the search engine optimization, and this, also "SEO" abbreviated (in English: "Search Engine Optimization"), is in the web pages Creation enormously important! If you pay attention to the important points in this article, you can count on considerable results after some time!

With server and domain like us rush into the action

Let's get into the top spots with targeted websites!

Now we are master of a good server and have a fairly strong domain, the website that still needs to be created remains. Use state-of-the-art languages ​​like HTML5 and CSS3. Use the latest versions of free libraries like Bootstrap and jQuery! So your website meets the highest standards and can also on all devices because such websites are "responsive"! This means that if you call your page on your phone, for example, this, as you notice will suddenly be quite different, but surprisingly good, looks. You can also test this behavior on any PC by simply shrinking the width of the browser window. You will see, the site often even adapts! Why not test it here on our AIQIA website? Very easily! Bootstrap comes along a fairly large CSS library therefore, this ensures that elements on your website are always displayed accordingly. This means that e.g. a big picture entspred accordingly, a text next to it jumps suddenly under the picture and everything looks completely normal.

Now we start with everything we need to get to the actual homepage. When creating the website, taking into account the search engine optimization it depends especially on the right choice of keywords! Analyze the meaning of your page, choose 1-3 keywords and find out how much search volume own these keywords. But beware! Do not start with the strongest keywords right now! Your domain is still young, you will not stand a chance if you do not can provide the necessary background. Choose keywords which do not exceed a search volume of about 1000 - 5000 visitors and adjust the content of the page these keywords. This means URLs of the page, titles, metadata, headings and texts themselves should be skilfully tagged with appropriate keywords. Do you want to To read more read the article: "What is SEO?"

After on-page comes Off-Page

You thought we were done? No, let's go first!

If you have followed all this and done it properly then you have already done half! But now it really starts! For this also need the right again Hands! We have successfully completed the part on-page optimization, but now we have to turn to off-page optimization. The challenge here is for many alone already the "How do I get backlinks ran?" problem! OK, OK, it's not easy, but let's just keep a cool head and think logically. They operate a company? So are you a company? Search on Google for: "Firmenverzeichnis"! Now their instincts are needed, beware, not all sides are free! Also, many sites are also rather dubious and outdated, let the fingers of something! Look for modern, well-kept directories, it's worth it here Check out the 2, 3 and 4 page on Google, because not always on Google the first place is automatically the best choice! Often, sites rank 1 easy only more backlinks than other sites and therefore significantly higher visitor numbers than the competition. Wear yourself on free, or if you are ready something to pay, so there are also pages that are very popular and prefer entries, that is, so-called premium offers. However, it is generally important that the content of your page high quality and easy to read! Do not shoot your page with the keywords! Bring these down skillfully and create sentences with meaning and substantive substance! So try to "light up" your content from all sides, expand the topic as much as you can. It is proven that pages with more than 1500 words in the Ranking comparison better than pages with only 400 - 1000 words! So make an effort, think of everything very meticulously in advance and keep an eye out the competition!

AIQIA wishes you homepage operators good luck out there and lots of fun creating your website! If you need help, do not hesitate to consult me! Click on the question mark in the lower left corner and fill in the form. We are also happy to build your website. Please use our price inquiry form:

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