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The Webdesigner and his task areas

Webdesign and what is related to it

The Webdesigner and his task areas, what is meant by "webdesign", many people already understand it as the creation of a website, this is not completely wrong, but if you take a closer look at the whole thing you will notice that there are some differences, so does a webdesigner do anyway?

Der Webdesigner

First we need to Know what web design does mean!

Webdesign and its follow

Everyone who already had a homepage or even has the knows that it is not easy to put a website on the net like this. as one imagines it, experienced web designers are able to create the layout with the help of appropriate software. and then to prepare it for the web! This means that the layout can now be converted into any software, e.g. a CMS (content management system) or similar. Here is short, for those who don't know what that is, noted that you need a CMS to maintain and maintain a website. Most CMS even have the possibility to change the layout at the push of a button.
Good web designers can create your desired layout for any CMS systems and make it available for the CMS! This sets of course we also need the webdesigner to be familiar with the CMS or to be able to find his way around easily. Every CMS has its peculiarities and is structurally different.

The Webdesigner - AIQIA However, the web designer usually only provides the layout, i.e. the design using graphics software. An implementation if at all then usually only against surcharge. Which is also completely normal because it is about a completely different activity!
However, a good web designer nowadays offers everything, the creation of the layout and the implementation up to the installation in a corresponding CMS. However, programming a CMS is the responsibility of the programmer.

As far as our internet agency is concerned, we offer you a service that covers all areas from pencil design to last adjustment click in the admin area of your new homepage! AIQIA is at your side with advice and action! Homepage creation Oberhausen, NRW.

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