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AIQIA - Internet Agency from Oberhausen, NRW

Webdesign, Programming, Search-Engine-Optimization and many more

All around the internet our internet agency offers you professional support! No matter if it is about programming or web design. For small to medium-sized companies AIQIA exactly the right choice!

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Internet agency AIQIA

How AIQIA works

Analyze and research

You have a challenge and need project-specific solutions, simply Creating a homepage doesn't makes sense here! Analyze your requirements, recognize the needs of your target groups! This is the only way to arouse the curiosity of visitors. AIQIA can offer you We help you to find out requirements and goals, appropriate market analyses are now also in demand. What is your competitor doing? Do you even have any comrades-in-arms on the net?

All these questions help with the creation of your Internet presence, because only if your homepage is targeted to visitors, you can be successful and increase your sales!

Technical requirements of your project for the web server

Depending on your needs, we will set up a suitable server for you. Here comes our hosting partner Mosebach-Hosting into the game. Thanks to our many years of experience and the common cooperation we look for exactly the suitable product for you. for your company. Fair prices and excellent support will convince you!

Draft of the webdesign

We now know which requirements your homepage has, adapted to these needs, we will create a Webdesign conceived and designed. Do you already have a name for your homepage or your company? If not, don't worry, we will be happy to support you! In this phase changes can be made at any time. and taken over. Because only if you are satisfied, are we satisfied!

completion and acceptance

Immediately after the creation of the layout, the programming and thus the implementation of the layout can be started. begin. Our high experience in the homepage production plays us with the conversion duration into the maps! During this time the homepage will run on a test environment and can be used extensively during programming. tested, tested and improved. Subsequently, the acceptance takes place on your part and we switch the Homepage Live!

Search engine optimization - SEO

Do you need or would you like us to support you in optimizing for search engines? We can take you help with On- & Offpage optimization! SEO is a very important topic in today's world that you can should take seriously, the better the search engine optimization the higher your visitor numbers! We are happy to help to bring your side forward. Important points such as keyword analysis, technical optimization, etc. the homepage, the meta data, backlinks to your homepage, optimized settings of the web server and much more. more. Contact us, we are there for you!

What is SEO?

If you want to learn more about SEO, read our article on Search Engine Optimization, There we describe what you should look for when optimizing your website and what mistakes you make should not make a case, and we also provide useful tips on search engine optimization.

AIQIA, NRW, Webdesign and Coding.

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